Andrew Gehman

Andrew Gehman


I'm part Writer, Historian, Musician, Tech Geek, Football Enthusiast, Runner, and Cartoonist who can't draw very well. At the risk of sounding absurd, I like to think of myself as an aspiring Thomas Jefferson of the digital age. Ok, that's kinda absurd, but what the heck, it's sounds kinda cool, right?

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  • Leo Pizzini posted 2664 days ago

    Leo Pizzini

    You have to read my response and give me your feedback... your case was strong and I want to know if I convinced you with my data or not... I'll neither be offended nor change my mind... it's a bit sloppy, but I rushed out a bunch of info for you to evaluate... please let me know what your conclusion is... and if I convince you... you need to sign up as a fan... just kidding.