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Growing up, my family coming from South America, the sport of Soccer is like religion to them. Soccer was my first sport. My father also liked Boxing. However, my Uncle at age 9 introduced me to Hockey. He put on the 1995 Stanley Cup finals game 2 between the NJ Devils and Red Wings just in time for the Scott Neidermayer coast-to-coast game tying goal. I have never seen anything like literally was like love at first sight. My father did not approve of me interested in Hockey so I had to sneak it...I soon bought the Devils stanley cup video, where I paused, rewound every single play, goal and moment. I absolutely fell in love with the game of Hockey, and became a fan of the New Jersey Devils (being I came from NJ, it was abosolutely fitting). I soon bought all of the championship videos of every team every year.

As a youngster, I had a hard time communicating and speaking. So for practice, I bought a voice recorder and cut out news paper articles of NHL and recorded myself reading them. At the time, I had no idea why but I gotten into that habit.

I played street hockey, I was a goaltender. roller-leagues began to call my residence asking for my services, but my father disapproved and threw away my pads. For many years I had to sneak watching Devils games, as well as rangers, Islanders and Flyers games OR ANT any game for that matter.

After many years and then graduating HS, I had no idea what I wanted to do...but I always had this urge to "inform people" about something. I took courses at a community college doing Theraputic Phsycology. The courses were too hard, on myself and academically.

Soon after that, a number of strange reoccurences happened: Many were alarmed by my new speaking ability, detailed explainations and further informative speech. Many have suggested that I should use my "natural talent" to use. I visited a psychic for fun with my friends, he looked at me and said, "Whatever you're trying to do now with your life is not what you were meant to be. Use something you love, and talk about it. People will listen." I then combined that with Hockey and thought to myself, "I could do that..." I changed my major to Communications Media and my life has then changed and fit together.

My love and passion for the game of Hockey grew like flowers in the spring. I would hope to inspire others to use their natural talents into something they are passionate about. All my life, I had speaking problems but now transformed it. Growing up following the New Jersey Devils, I looked to Mike Emrick as inspiration, as well as many others. I go to Devils, Rangers, Islanders and Flyers games for inspiration and learning tools as I take notes on Players and focus on analyzing the game. i also would hope to have a radio show featuring all fans of the Atlantic Division participating and talk about Hockey.

I dream and hope of becoming an Analysis and Insider I feel, is meant to be.

I entered a contest for XFINITYsports Media, though I did not win, my video is avaliable on my youtube channel

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