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  • Brandon Hinchman posted 1052 days ago

    Brandon Hinchman

    Whatcha think of Fedor's record now? lol Quite unexpected.

  • Andrew Brining posted 1260 days ago

    Andrew Brining

    So I finally got around to the PVA icon/link. Check out that KO video article, think it looks good but feel free to give me any suggestions.

  • Casey Cruzen posted 1308 days ago

    Casey  Cruzen

    Umm I'm a fighter I have abs.. I'm a midwestern type with abs totally respectable but wow. There is something about you that makes me really feel the need to sexually harass your c:

  • Mike D posted 1332 days ago

    Mike D

    Shoot, with all of those "likes" you've been sending my way, I'm either really smart or you're stalking me...

    (either way's cool with me... in fact, somewhere in the middle would be ideal)

  • Marc T. posted 1378 days ago

    Marc T.

    You live in Manhattan? I'm maybe 30 minutes from you. Hmm...

  • Mike D posted 1427 days ago

    Mike D

    Time for nonsense ?


  • jason hughes posted 1515 days ago

    jason hughes

    sometimes you need to shut the fuck up, that is it

  • Andrew Brining posted 1520 days ago

    Andrew Brining

    Forget the subject; I'm hitting you with this b/c it was your idea to give more detail in the PVA link:

  • Scott Spradlin posted 1529 days ago

    Scott Spradlin

    Looking forward to your contributions.=)

  • Joe Schafer posted 1542 days ago

    Joe Schafer

    How about some over the hump day humor?