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Steve Peyton

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I've been a fan of the NFL since the mid 1960's. My primary team was the Cowboys; until I moved to St Louis the year after Troy led the 'boys to a 1-15 season. When the Rams rolled into town, I was one of the first in line to buy my PSL, and I've been a season ticket holder since then.

I believe in being dedicated to your team through the good times as well as the bad. I also believe that it's important for teams and their fans to go through rough periods because it gets boring when you win all the time. I've been through a lot of good stretches with the Cowboys, and the "Greatest Show" days with the Rams -- so I know how easy it is to take their success for granted.

Having said all that....... I feel like I deserve to experience that feeling once again.... I promise that I will never take it for granted....really!

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  • Marilyn Post posted 1641 days ago

    Marilyn Post

    It's what I want--I'd rather have the pack and the jets- or even other teams

  • Marilyn Post posted 1643 days ago

    Marilyn Post

    Hi- the second half of the game where Steel scored 0 was quite good. Perhaps meltdown is in Dallas?