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Grew up as a huge sports Guru and here i am now...A life without sports is not a life worth living....

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  • micheal malcolm posted 3119 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    JD. i notice you took your comment off the board...i was wondering why you did that anyhow i wrote this response...regarding your unsavory comments regarding my article hopefully you took it down because you felt that it was rude but if not i decided to take the time to give you some analysis on what you wrote. Welcome to B|R sir.

    I have to say J.D the fact that you lack the sensitivity or the etiquette to respectfully make your point known is sad, pitiful and very disturbing. My articles are exactly what they are…which would be mine, not yours. B|R is a space where we can all share our opinions and looking at your profile you are clearly very new so maybe you are misinformed of how things work. So with that being said I still say welcome and thank you for reading. Now on to some of your points.
    1) As of 7:13pm today the Raptors have financial flexibility, when I wrote the article this morning the trade had not been consummated and no one had officially signed yet. As our new acquisition Hedo has shown us this off-season things can change in the blink of an eye.
    2) You are correct no one has a real solid bench but they have better players than the Raptors do at this moment in time. Arguably WAS, CLE, BOS, ORL all have better lineups and better benches than the Raptors do today
    3) Ukic needs to learn how to play the game he is barely competent, Pops has not signed as of 7:26pm to the best of my knowledge Wright needs to get a jumper but plays reasonable defense, George is a joke and a malcontent, I have little issues with Evans as he has been reasonably consistent considering where he has played and how he was used (sometimes poorly and in the wrong roles)
    4) Your solution is to sign Kleiza, mine Channing Frye…I just like him overall than Kleiza that is a personal choice no issue there however I believe Frye would be cheaper than Kleiza
    5) DeRozan will not start, sorry I don’t care how much he ‘grew’ in the NCAA tourney, or in HS, or his last 5 minutes when he was playing AAU ball these things are irrelevant he needs time deal with it.
    6) Best Raptors team depth wise is arguable at this point since the off season is not done we can’t make a realistic comparison, shame on you for attempting to work in the world of the hypothetical.
    7) I never said that the Raptors should have signed him for 2 years and 20 million, I merely stated that I would loved to get him for that price ( I know it was unrealistic but again it’s my opinion, I chose to voice it, get over it)
    8) While Grunwald signed older players that wasn’t the point I was making I was drawing the parallel that this seemed similar, and subsequently George and Wright’s expired contracts at the end of the year don’t exactly add up to another marquee player joining the Raptors next year…yes some of the players were older: JYD, Alvin Williams and Carter were young…Davis was not (don’t get me started on Hakeem the Dream) point is yes Bargnani is young…Turk is old Calderon is middle-aged in NBA years and Bosh has yet to resign…please tell me how are you not seeing the similarity?
    9) Being an All-Star is a media game and nothing more.. what the heck is an All-Star in any sport more than someone who is voted in by the fans, and some spots via coaches. Turk maybe loved in Toronto but it’ll be kind of hard to beat out Lebron James, Caron Butler, Paul Pierce, a very improved Danny Granger, or Rashard Lewis with the popular vote. Turk may get in on one of those coaches-pick-deals. So I will leave you alone there
    10) Age effects everything and even though you believe his shot won’t fade, I will let you know that all marksmen start to lose is as they get older no matter what condition they are in so his shot may age gracefully but not before the clamors of Turkoglu being overpaid will.
    Finally I want to say that I wouldn’t normally sit here and refute a comment and dissect every single thing, but your ignorance, and the way you write speak volumes about you as a person and frankly I just wasn’t going to have it. You are not a sports expert and neither am I but that does not give you the right to disrespectfully disagree with what I believe. It’s people like you that ruin things for people and for yourself. Next time if you choose to comment on one of my articles please do it in a respectfully manner and we can have a conversation or debate like two human beings I would be willing to do this even though your initial introduction to me was less than hospitable.
    p.s once the trade was official I wrote about it and even though there were minor changes I gave BC +Raptors the respect they are due as it was certainly an unexpected wave of events that have even led us to this point.