Tyler Little


I'm a Theology Grad student at Xavier University. Got my undergrad at FSU in Religion & Classics. I live college football and am at all times a Nole fan, even through the last 8 years. I cheer in this order:
FSU First
ACC Second
Oklahoma Third
Against SEC fourth
underdog after that (this IS college fooball afterall).

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  • Richard Bowler posted 2899 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    Check out my mock draft

  • Todd Kaufmann posted 3046 days ago

    Todd Kaufmann

    Big win for your 'Noles tonight Tyler

  • HD Handshoe - posted 3069 days ago

    HD Handshoe -

    I know you're NOT going to like this and that you'll disagree but you're a homer, I'm a realist.


    I went ahead and worked this out for you Tyler so you can take off your homer glasses and see why FSU won't be ranked for long and nowhere near the top 10 at season's end.

    I'm pretty sure FSU will win these games:

    vs. Jacksonville State
    @ Boston College
    vs. NC State
    @ Wake Forest
    vs. Maryland

    I'm pretty sure FSU will lose these games:

    @ BYU
    vs. Georgia Tech
    @ North Carolina
    @ Clemson
    @ Florida

    That puts them at 5-5 with what I consider too close to call toss-up games vs. Miami (FL) and South Florida.

    They may win one, win both or lose both meaning they'll end up at 5-7, 6-6, or 7-5

    That will not get them into the top 10 dude.

    Glad I could set you straight -- You're welcome.

  • Alex Kerstetter posted 3084 days ago

    Alex Kerstetter

    Check out my take on Seminole target Jeff Luc