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Bleacher Report commentary, to me, is a joke. A joke that is so overused and worn out, that it bears repeating. Nothing gives me a greater sense of satisfaction to watch people pen their thoughts day in and day out, and to firmly stand behind these thoughts too. That is, until a particular shocking turn of events takes place. That's when it gets real good. To watch these bound-and-determined, truest of blue people to pull a complete 180 on their views, and not only do they not admit that they were WRONG, but also firmly believe that in their heads they were right all along. I ask myself, I find it amusing every time, but why must I address these people? And the answer is the key that opens the door to yet another joke about this site...because you people lose your minds when someone stands up to you and not only exposes you as a liar, but also solidifies your spot as what you undoubtedly are the minute you log in to this site: a natural born loser.

Me? Personally? I'm untouchable. See, people HATE for other people to be right, but they DESPISE when someone they don't like is right. That's why I'm despised by 100% of this community. Because I'm RIGHT. No I'm not right because I predicted who would win, no I'm not right because I agree with some "writers" point of view. I'm right because I DON'T. I'm right because I call out the liars and those desperate for attention. And I feel just as accomplished knowing that I have yet another quality about myself I can rightly hold over you all. That quality is what I have given the name of "anti-care".

To care about one's words is to put mental and emotional effort into it. When you don't care, you have no emotional establishment with someone else. I owe much to "anti-care" for not being in love with people who don't deserve it, and for not liking or disliking someone's bold remarks.
Why is this important? Because no matter what I say about it, you will still reply to me. Because I shot at your favorite man, because I disproved your opinions, because YOU CARE about what I have to say. And that is exactly why I am better than you.

You will now do one of two things, if you've even made it this far without losing your mind (or as I've referred to it, "caring"). You will either reply to this regardless of anything you just read, or you'll realize that every word I've posted is nothing but pure 100% truth that you people are all too blind to see because each and every one of you share the same social disease of arrogance and ignorance.

What's funny is that WWE heels get paid to say this kind of thing and they're revered worldwide. I do it for free and mean it, and suddenly I'm a hell-bound demon.

If that's what being right is, fine. I prefer it warmer anyway.

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