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  • C S posted 1545 days ago

    C S

    Hey dipshit...why don't you stop TROLLING? All your BS comments about UGA and coach Richt are little more than illiterate crap. Too bad you don't have the balls to post a profile that claims a team but then that would assume you have the intelligence of a gnat and are capable of posting a profile at all.

  • C S posted 1545 days ago

    C S

    Hey dipshit, why don't you mind your business and stay on the pages designated for cheaters like OSU or pansy conferences like the Little10? All you do when you TROLL other teams pages is make an ass out of yourself...and you do it very well with the ignorance that you spew. Looking at many of your posts, it's a miracle you ever graduated past 7th grade...if indeed you did graduate at all. Enjoy a few wins before the Ultimate Cheating Meyer gets you back on probation or worse, another one of his recruits ends up murdering THAT'S OSU character!

  • Chris Lane posted 1614 days ago

    Chris Lane

    fill out a bio so we know what you fave team is. You can't be "an SEC fan". Thereis no such thing. You bring up any team and I can give you many reasons why my Bucks are better than them over the past 20 years. Many teams have great seasons but it is extremely har to replicate the consistency of my Buckeyes. Sure you may have SEC fans on your side, but that doesn't mean that them and u are right. My Buckeyes have had two 4 win seasons since 1966 and their last 3 win season was in 1959 when they finished 3-5-1. You KNOW NOTHING ABOUT OHIO STATE, SO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DO. No SEC team has a better overall all time record than Ohio State and OSU didn't even really fund their team for over their first 10 seasons and then the school even tried to eliminate football for a ten year period.

    Michigan is the all time winningest team, but there is excellent PROOF that shows why OSU is the greatest team in CFB history. Talk when you know what you are talking about. What? Are you 14 years old? You know zero and until you research, you won't know much. Research your favorite team first, if you have one. You CAN'T be an "SEC fan", there is no such thing. TEAM FIRST, TEAM SECOND, TEAM THIRD....then you can possibly root for a conference.