daniel lockwood

daniel lockwood


A Canuck fan since their first team in 1970, and a Whitecaps fan in the summer. Have to be, they have 3 Cups to the 'Nucks none...(all Canuck fans know one is coming soon. Has to be our turn sometime!)

I keep myself informed on his team, and have some scintillating insights and opinions.

For instance..."Mike Gillis is by far the best GM this team has ever had"...or ..When are we finally going to see the Johnny Canuck Logo on the Blue and Green. That uni will be stylin'...and of course, "Why do people say AV is a "trap" coach?" Pretty entertaining trap!

Let us also remember though, its just a game. A wonderful game. The best game played by grown men for money. But a game nonetheless. So, its OK to have some fun with it.

I will endeavor to write about the game and team from a fan's perspective.


edit: while I will come back from time to time, I will be writing 4 articles a week on the Canucks at Fanhuddle.com. I hope those of you that have enjoyed my writings will come find me over there.

Either way, I have enjoyed chatting on the threads with some of you, and even those I haven't has been a learning experience. At least we ALL love hockey right?


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  • Jason R posted 3064 days ago

    Jason R

    Have to agree with you. The game's in a new era where speed, skill and grit win games. There is a difference between toughness/grit and the brutish goons who have a lesser role in today's game, almost to the point of extinction.

    It may take a while but I suspect certain old-school fans who profess to be experts will either slowly come around or get a pretty rude awakening when the game passes them by.