William Chin


You can usually tell within two paragraphs if an article is going to be pointless, or just plain rubbish. These writers have baffling number of favourite 'soccer teams', they come up with lines like 'his offensive play', 'the team's point production', and 'that defender's playmaking'. One even fills his "Pele or Maradona" section with an arrogant "American football, please", then goes on to write a pointless 'succer' article.

Yes, I'm talking about Yankees who write pointless rubbish football articles only for hits. For the benefit of doubt, I believe there must be one or two exception out there. But coming across one is like looking for a suit-wearing, blue Wookie in an underwater Tiki Bar in the Bermuda Triangle - could be out there, but you'll probably never find it.

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  • Paul Murphy posted 1980 days ago

    Paul Murphy

    I really appreciate the add mate. In the first month of my time here at BR so still struggling to get a fanbase. Glad you enjoy my work.