Hockey Rumor Mill

Hockey Rumor Mill


**Please note! Effective July 24 we have changed our name from "Hockey Rumor Buzz" to "Hockey Rumor Mill" to prevent any confusion with another outlet that we are not affiliated with. Thank you.**

Want the real inside scoop on what's going on around the National Hockey League? Well, with "Hockey Rumor Mill" you will!

Our two insiders, who wish to be known simply as Leopold and Loeb, work within the inner workings of NHL managements and keep the information coming fast and furiously. So please keep on checking back here for the latest rumblings.

Finally, I bet you're wondering one thing...and that's, "Why on earth don't these two insiders have their own mega-site?" Well our answer to that is simple. We here at Hockey Rumor Mill want to allow the common man and aspiring writers such as yourselves to have first dibs on the latest rumblings. Bleacher Report is the perfect place for this, so we thank you for checking us out and we know you will do so for all the latest news!

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  • Adrian Staehle posted 3050 days ago

    Adrian Staehle

  • TITZNGUNZ posted 3100 days ago


    nice niche you carved out for yourself. may i call you eklund? LOL ;)