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Well hello again. I'm from New York, but I current;y live in Toronto, although theres no home like Brooklyn. I majored in Genetics, and I work in Biotechnology. During those long university nights, I would watch NBA when I was procrastinating, and now I feel like I'm above average in general NBA knowledge, and no, I know there are people on this site that know tons more then I do, but in everyday conversation at work, I feel like I would know the most.

That last line makes me look pretty arrogant doesn't it ? lol
I'm not very arrogant or obnoxious at all (well at least I think so)

I guess I didn't mention it, but I'm of Indo-Caribbean origin from Trinidad. I'm pretty much the average brown person lol. Average height. weight, and looks. Not that great with the ladies, so my wife doesn't have to worry about me in that regard lol.

The only thing I'm waiting for right now, is for the NBA to have an All-Star game and for WWE to have Wrestlemania in Toronto

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