Brandon Ferraro

Brandon Ferraro


Hey I am Brandon, I'm 15 years old and currently in Grade 11. My dream has always been to get involved with the NHL in someway. I am a huge Montreal Canadiens Fanatic since the day I was born. My goal is simple, I want to interest you the reader and debate and talk about different topics on the day. What I want to get started is a weekly (or bi-weekly) Top 10 on different NHL topics. I am open for ideas if you either put them as a bulletin or send me an e-mail to and and I might do some research on them. With your guys help I hope to be one of the top writers on bleacher report and hopefully more websites.

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  • Alan Bass posted 3092 days ago

    Alan Bass

    Hey Brandon,
    Yeah that sounds great. The thing with doing previews on every NHL team is that you need to MAKE SURE you know what you're talking about. Don't throw things out there willy nilly when they may not be true, or you will get torn to shreds. Believe me, it's happened to me. But yeah, I'd be glad to help you out a bit. I'm home from Toronto so I'm a bit busier, but I'll find some time to read it.
    And yeah, make sure you do a fair amount of research, maybe even talk to some fans of the team to see if their "analysis" (opinion) is somewhat similar to yours.
    Let me know if you have any questions.