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Just another Joe with a brain and a set, giving my opinion as only I can. O yeah I agree to disagree, see eye to eye, & facts are facts.....I'm out

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  • Paige Sosebee posted 2059 days ago

    Paige Sosebee

    If you get a chance stop by and read my article!! I would love any advice or comments!! =)

    Still love my Dawgs!! Go Dawgs

  • micheal malcolm posted 2114 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Mike

    The Raptors have made another move however, I don’t agree with this one!
    Here’s my take on the player they should have acquired Jodie Meeks.
    Comments and critiques are always welcomed


  • Geoff Crawley posted 2118 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    Brad Lidge, thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you...

  • micheal malcolm posted 2132 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Mike

    im sure you heard about the trade already, here's my take on it

    Comments are always welcomed


  • Geoff Crawley posted 2139 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    If I'm the Sixers, I make this trade in a second...

  • Geoff Crawley posted 2146 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    The circus has come to Philly

  • Richard O'Neal posted 2149 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Tracy McGrady is changing his jersey number. Tell me what you think about this by providing a comment!


  • Jonathan Hernandez posted 2154 days ago

    Jonathan Hernandez

    like ur richard jefferson-spurs article and the dwight howard one too!

    check out my Ron Artest press conference recap!

  • Garrett Sisto posted 2154 days ago

    Garrett Sisto

    5 players having the best breakout season