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  • Warriors FTW posted 660 days ago

    Warriors FTW

    Do you wanna join the WARRIORS BANDWAGON?

  • Mr. Green II posted 689 days ago

    Mr. Green II

    So do you think the C's will make it past the first round?

  • Mr. Green II posted 700 days ago

    Mr. Green II

    You're welcome!

  • BRIAN SCALABRINE posted 723 days ago


    This is the original Brian Scalabrine. Tell ALL the team and team staff to fan me again. B/R was deleting my comments, so someone reported me. But I'm back! Do what I said...

  • Paul Pierce posted 725 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    Paul Pierce is both my favorite Player and Celtic. Don't mind the picture. I only do it for the Humor. It lightens people up when I talk to them. I'm not some crazy celtics fan who believes we are Gods gift to the world. Just a way to break barriers is all.

  • Laker Nation posted 726 days ago

    Laker Nation

    I don't troll, I only speak the truth. Also I'm a Knicks bandwagonner, 2 championships wooo

  • Laker Nation posted 726 days ago

    Laker Nation

    IQ of a demented goldfish, fitting.

  • Brandon Gray posted 727 days ago

    Brandon Gray

    Uh, what? Did you not read that little story on my bio? 04 ironically is when I became a fan on Miami and the Pats. Miami wasn't great and the Pats just finished establishing their dominance, I jumped on the Pats bandwagon when I was 8 years old, so call me what you want in that regard.

    But Miami wasn't thinking about LeBron or Bosh in 04 they'd just got Wade.You don't have to believe me but I've liked the Heat since I can remember.

  • Warriors FTW posted 727 days ago

    Warriors FTW

    I got one!

  • Dan Riaz posted 727 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    A wild celtics fan appeared!