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  • Manny Carpio posted 1888 days ago

    Manny Carpio

    I just laughed when I came back and read your comments. You may have claimed to have been watching since the 80s but to me, i just think your just a one-sided observer. And you dont seem to be paying attention too much on the basketball world, or at least thats how you came off as. Wade's for sure in the top 50GOAT list and is widely regarded as the 3rd best 2-guard to play the game behind only Jordan and Kobe. Accomplishments...etc. And when you talk about one of the most controversial teams of all time, this Miami heat certainly takes the cake and the names that will forever be linked to that are Lebron, Dwayne and Chris Bosh. Honestly what more can Dwayne do? Probably just a couple more rings but the legacy that he has put already speaks volume. I may be in highschool still, but i still remember guys like Penny Hardaway, Karl Malone and Tim Hardaway, some guys who guys who never had a chip but still had thier stint in the NBA, and you mean to tell me Dwayne wont be remembered. Name me the 5 best players of this past decade, ex. Shaq b/c he belongs in the 90's, Durant and Rose b/c they're the next torch bearers for the next decade. So tell me who?....And please tell me how you came to the conclusion that the NBA community laughs at the Heat? Many sports analysist, if you pay attention and watch sports media have the Heat as favorites and still the team to beat even after the whole off-season, if thats not respect I dont know what is. I dont think "laughs" is the right word either, but i do think they were heavily scrutinized before and after losing to the Mavs but certainly not anymore. And do you honestly think Dwayne was content with just being at the top and nothing else, the guy got injured and came back stronger than ever. And kill-all attitude? Do i have to remind you that the guy averaged 40+points in the NBA finals when after they were down 2-0 to a crushing 2-4? Tell me others that did that, very short-list or none at all. He's also regarded as being very clutch, soo yeah...

    I really shouldnt waste my breath on you cuhz I found this argument very dull in your end and instead of giving me hard-facts to back your claim of Dwanee being overrated, you retort to just giving me opinions, which i respect, but you really didnt say anything to test what i have said.I was planning on not replying to you, buuut...thats just the guy I am. Student of the game.

  • Manny Carpio posted 1890 days ago

    Manny Carpio

    Are you serious? Lets bring this all the way back to the summer of the 09-10 season. Remember that? It was a star-studded list of free-agents that summer. Two names that were on the top of that list were Lebron(duh) and Dwayne. Dwayne was hottt off that season too. Lebron wasnt the one one getting his number called on, so was Dwayne. Chicago, New York, Nets, to name a few wanted Wade to be with them and be the face of their team. But everyone knew Wade wasnt gonna leave Miami cuhz he belongs their and he was the face of THAT franchise already. Lets not forget one key-note, the reason Lebron went to Miami was to align himself with Dwade. He knew how great Dwade was and capable of doing and he knew he couldn't let that chance to pass up. It was b/c of Wade's starpower that brought in Chris Bosh and James. Dwayne was an elite superstar even before Lebron and Bosh came. *You must be great if you can have other superstars come to YOUR team.

    Ill be the first one to admit Dwayne lost a step or two b/c he's gotten older and age eventually catches up with everybody. But he's a proven winner and his accomplishments can attest to that. Give me the Dwayne Wade of 05-06 and the years after that and hell yeah i'd start a franchise with him. A stupid question really. Now back to MY original question, explain to me how he's the most over player, ever. Your words, not mine.

  • Manny Carpio posted 1891 days ago

    Manny Carpio

    Dafuck? Pleeease explain to me how Dwayne Wade is the most "overrated player ever?" Have you not seen him carry his team to championship? Have you not seen his mvp type of season in 08-09 afer he got injured? He basically brought that sorry-ass team to the playoffs and even MJ thought Dwade shouldve been the mvp, not Lebron. You must have not been watching him for the past years. You must be a..a...a..haterrr...