Pete Tietjen

Pete Tietjen


Combat Infantryman....10th Mountain Division C Co. 2/14th Inf. Somalia 1993 Sept 13th, 25th, and yes Oct. 3&4....Born and bred Buckeye! Come get ya some!

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  • Joe College posted 2568 days ago

    Joe  College

    I didn't take your posts down. I would answer them if I could. Joe

  • HD Handshoe - posted 2774 days ago

    HD Handshoe -

    Here you go Pete, Part II (the top 5) is now LIVE!

  • Jay Money posted 2839 days ago

    Jay Money

    Saw you were in the 10th mountain... I just signed a 3 year enlistment as an 11x option 40 airborne ranger. Got any advice?

    I went to Ohio State 06-08, left to work for the McCain campaign... afterwards my personal and family finances tanked so I need the GI Bill to complete my degree...

    Anyways, Go Army!

  • Richard Langford posted 2979 days ago

    Richard Langford

    In case you were wondering what a day in the fabulous life of Tom Cable was like, or are just in need of a good laugh, you may enjoy this:

  • HD Handshoe - posted 3027 days ago

    HD Handshoe -

    Here's my latest article over on my blog:

    Ranking The Big Ten Quarterbacks Top To Bottom Heading Into Week Five

  • HD Handshoe - posted 3027 days ago

    HD Handshoe -

    Actually, I wrote 2 articles on Tuesday Pete!

    Ohio State, Indiana Preview:

    BlockO Asks, You Answer: Is Terrelle Pryor Afraid to Run?

  • Dan Scofield posted 3029 days ago

    Dan Scofield

    The Heisman Trophy isn't the same as it use to be. What are the faults and what can be done in order to get the bronze figurine back to where it once was?

    Don't be shy!

  • HD Handshoe - posted 3034 days ago

    HD Handshoe -

    LIVE In-Game Blog Chat Starting Today @ 3PM

  • HD Handshoe - posted 3100 days ago

    HD Handshoe -



    Nice title.Name calling again. Maybe he can learn from Miamis own Michael Irvin on how not to get caught. Oh wait Michael did get caught.

    I thought I might send an apology to you also.

    Im sorry your team hasnt been relevant on the college football scene since 2004.
    Im sorry your team lost in the Emerald Bowl to Cal.
    Im sorry your team struggled in beating mighty Nevada 21-20 on the blue turf.
    Im sorry your team was destroyed by LSU 40-3 in the Peach Bowl.
    Im sorry about the Luther Campbells pay for play scandal
    Im sorry about the Pell Grant scandal from 89-95
    Im sorry about the 7th Floor Crew.
    Im sorry your team doesnt have 7 National Titles and 7 Heisman Winners
    Im sorry about Will Allen blowing up Willis McGahee when Willis was starting to roll.
    Im sorry Ohio State leads the all time series.
    Im sorry you team doesnt have 800 all time wins.
    Im sorry your a bandwagon fan, considering you apparently have no ties or were never a resident of Florida.
    Im sorry you are not very educated on what you write.
    Im sorry you have to wake up in the morning and look at that face.
    Im sorry you have little mans complex.
    Im sorry you were never an athlete.
    Im sorry you are typewriter tough guy.
    Im sorry you have an inferiority complex.
    Im sorry your parents reproduced.
    Im sorry kids stole your lunch money.
    Im sorry im not politically correct.

  • Tim Bielik posted 3101 days ago

    Tim Bielik

    As the younger brother of a soldier, thank you for serving our country man.