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Huge Philly sports fan. I have watched all four major sports team every year, even when they are bad.

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  • Tyler Quinn posted 2685 days ago

    Tyler Quinn

    Philadelphia 76ers Draft Keys
    By: Tyler Quinn

    The Philadelphia 76ers have drafted one superstar in the draft in the last 15 years, and his name was Allen Iverson. Did I mention he was the first pick in the draft? The Sixers haven’t drafted well in the last 15 years, but to their defense only 5 were in the top 10. The other years, the Sixers had late draft picks, because their superstar, Allen Iverson made them into a consistent playoff team. The Sixers, who currently hold the 2nd pick in next Thursday draft, have made some poor decisions in recent years. The management have made horrid decisions such as:

    Signing Samuel Dalembert to a 6 year $60M deal- Set to make $12M this year. Huge mistake.

    Willie Green- He is making close to $4M a year, on the bench.

    Elton Brand- What can I say? He is due to make $33M the next two seasons, that’s guaranteed money. The third year, luckily, is non-guaranteed, but he will make $18.1M if he is still on the team (doubtful).

    Trading for Jason Kapono- He is due to make $6.6M this year, that is way too much for someone who averaged 17 minutes per game, and little less than 6 points per game.

    Andre Iguodala – Signing him to a 6 year $80M contract was just too much. Iggy could easily be an All-Star soon, but he hasn’t yet, so why is he making All-Star money?

    Eddie Jordan- Everybody in the city of Philadelphia knew that he wasn’t the right coach for this team, except for Ed Stefanski. The whole entire city of Philadelphia was right, and Eddie Jordan and his 27-55 record is gone.

    Sixers fans could actually smile for once in a long time though. On May 18th, the Sixers
    were lucky and rewarded the 2nd pick in the draft during the NBA Draft Lottery. The Washington Wizards were rewarded the 1st pick in the draft, and will clearly draft superstar point guard John Wall from Kentucky. Once Wall’s name is called first, the 76ers will be on the clock.

    The Sixers can quickly turn this franchise around, if moments later NBA Commissioner David Stern says, “With the second pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers have selected Evan Turner, shooting guard, Ohio State.” Everything could be all done, the Sixers could actually be interesting to watch. They will have a very young team, that can run, and they will also have talent. Any Sixer fan out there who has watched them for awhile, will agree that it won’t be that easy.

    Rumors already swirling that the Timberwolves are offering multiple first round draft picks, including the 4th pick in the draft. Why would we do that, when there are really only 5 players in this draft that could drastically change your team. So you are pretty much trading the 2nd for the 4th. Remember all the contract issues you have, and you have to sign your draft picks. There are only two players in this draft that are clearly the best, John Wall and Evan Turner. There is a reason why the Timberwolves are pressing hard to get the 2nd pick. They want Evan Turner, so much, because he could easily be a franchise player.

    Allen Iverson was the Sixers last franchise player, and he actually put people in the seats. He also was a winner. Yes, of course, he didn’t win an NBA Championship. But he got them there, he was an MVP, a 7 time All-Star, and a 4 time scoring champion with the Sixers. He didn’t win a championship because he didn’t have much of a supporting cast either. The Lakers and the Spurs dominated that era. The Lakers had a Kobe-Shaq-Phil Jackson trio. The Spurs had a Duncan-Parker-Popovich trio. Not to mention those teams had other supporting cast members.

    The Sixers could have a trio like that: Holiday-Turner-Iguodala. They have the right coach to do it, in Doug Collins. They could have a good supporting cast with Thaddeus Young and Marreese Speights. They need to do the right thing and take the best player in the draft. Please don’t try and out-smart others, and take a big man that has a lot of potential, because you really aren’t going to come off smart.

    This leads to the final no-no. Please don’t take Derrick Favors or Demarcus Cousins with the 2nd pick in the draft. If you are going to do that, please trade down, or even try to trade Elton Brand or Samuel Dalembert. Both Favors and Cousins are projects, and the Sixers have too many of those right now. The Sixers need an NBA-ready player, someone who is polished. Evan Turner is more NBA-ready than John Wall. Favors and Cousins could be All Star big men in this league, easily. But if they aren’t you just wasted another high draft pick. Turner could be the same, but the chances of Turner being a bust is a little less likely.

    The draft plan is very simple: Evan Turner