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jeff martin

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People around Daytona call me Yogi. I think they call me worse names too, but not too loudly. I am a 40 something former mechanic, junkman, and short track stock car driver.
I have been around racing all my life,having been born in Riverside, lived as a youngster about an hour from Indy and spent the last 30+ years living in Daytona.
The longer I live, the more I realize the things I don`t know, but I have learned a good bit.
I can build my own race cars from the ground up,( iI have done it several times) and would sooner make a new bracket from scratch than go to the parts store and buy it.
I managed a few wins while I was a driver, and several top 5 finishes over the years. More often than not I finished the season in the top 5 in points at whatever track I competed .
I still fix my own personal cars, and would never consider letting someone else do my work.
There are no secrets in anything I do, and i will gladly answer a question when asked, free of charge.

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