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I'm from New York City, spent much of my high school life in Massachusetts, currently live in Dallas, Texas and will be moving to Madrid, Spain. Talk about living in serious sports markets my whole life!

I probably know more about sports than most guys! Both of my parents are crazy sports fanatics so I had no choice.

I escape the world of Corporate America through sports...I'm on the job with a meeting in 24 minutes as I type this....

I joined B/R because of Rocky Getters' articles, which make me laugh.

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  • Tim Bielik posted 3026 days ago

    Tim Bielik

    As far as tape-gate goes, I really feel that it will be very soon forgotten and it's somewhat overblown. Every player gets dunked on at some point, even Dwight Howard. This situation just so happened to be a pickup game where James wasn't playing at NBA speed. But if LeBron did pull the tapes, it's a bad PR move on his part although Nike did take the tapes and not James. Since there is no video or photographic evidence, this might be forgotten soon after the season starts.

  • Ceena Modarres posted 3029 days ago

    Ceena Modarres

    Three potential draft busts, what do you think of them.

  • Rocky Getters posted 3032 days ago

    Rocky Getters

    Hey Cyn,

    My latest article, " July 4th special: How Sports has kept the American spirit alive"

    I hope you'll find time to read it. Thanks :)

  • Michael Collins posted 3033 days ago

    Michael Collins

    Thanks for the pick, Cyn.

  • Tim Bielik posted 3033 days ago

    Tim Bielik

    I have felt that the Cavs with Mo and Delonte really match up well with the Celtics even before the Shaq trade. As for the Magic, sure Shaq helps to defend on Howard, but the biggest matchup effect was made by the VC trade. By conceding Turkoglu, Orlando gave up a part of their huge matchup advantages by having a 2 guard of more conventional size, easier for West to defend. Plus Alston and Lee were the two players that helped to cause the Cavs problems. Not to knock Nelson, but Orlando was better against Cleveland with Alston at the point. Losing both really hurts their depth especially at the 3. And if Artest goes to Cleveland, Orlando might not have an advantage anymore.

  • Tim Bielik posted 3033 days ago

    Tim Bielik

    I feel that MB is still a solid coach, but IMO the Orlando series was lost because Cleveland just couldn't match up with the Magic and their 3-point shooting. Brown takes alot of the flack because he tried so many diiferent strategies and nothing really worked. But Orlando in my mind won the series although they had every reason to lose it after Game 2. They just hit on alot of their shots and Cleveland never really made alot of open looks. Brown might not be the best coach, but he's still learning as he goes.