terry rolling

terry rolling


grew up in South Bend IN and rode my bicycle to Notre Dame Saturday football games, and fencing, and hockey, and basketball, and every other sport I could get in to see. Indiana University grad; now living in Phoenix.

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  • Dan Stockrahm posted 1823 days ago

    Dan Stockrahm

    Hey Terry -

    I refuse to talk BCS until USC is beaten - they have too many weapons and too many athletes to assume anything - especially at home against a # 1 ND team

    Funny about the '77 - 81' Bball team - Tripuka was the first person I met on campus (standing in the "S-T" orientation line sign up) - he was a prick to me and pretty much was a jerk his whole 4 years - he used to wear full length furs to the bars and permed his sandy blonde hair

    Laimbeer was an even bigger prick - he sucker-punched a 5' 8" kid playing bookstore basketball and typically ignored everyone that said hi to him - he was in my dorm and had maybe three friends in four years - his dad was uber-rich and Laimbeer fwas the classic rich snob - plus he struggled with grades and resented anybody that didn't - which was damn near everybody

    Woolridge was a nice guy and universally liked --- Hanzlik was awesome - he was an engineer and when all the other varsity guys recruited football players for their bookstore team he brought four engineers from his class - they all wore button shirts and had a calculator in their shirt pocket - plus Hanzlik started games wearing rubber hip boots, a trenchcoat and a huge fedora which he kept on until jis team fell behind - and he made the semi-finals

    We mostly hated Digger - he had a schedule against mid-majors other than a home and home against UCLA and an occasional Big 10 or ACC matchup, grossly underachieved and often hung out with Tripuka in his own fur when they blessed us with their presence
    at Bridgett's happy hour

    Despite Digger, they played some damn good basketball and were fun to watch - I saw them beat Isiah Thomas's Indiana team, Ralph Samson's Virginia team and Mark Aguirre's DePaul team -

    The 1812 Overture rocked the house - lots of fun

  • Dan Stockrahm posted 1828 days ago

    Dan Stockrahm

    Terry - I still long for the NC days - Montana & Ross Browner etc won one for us my freshman year - drank more that semester than my first 21 years combined , and I still light a candle for Dan Devine to thank him for some great football

    My youngest brother is a doctor with his undergrad degree from IU - 45 minutes from my hometown - love the school, still feel the pain when they get their butt kicked