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Lane Lambert

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My name is Lane Lambert. I hail from a small town in south-central Alabama called Andalusia. I played football in high school and that is where my passion for the sport started to grow. I graduated in 2000 and immediately moved to Tuscaloosa and started my college career. (Needless to say, in the beginning my partying skills far out weighed my studying skills.) But, my love for Bama football grew astronomically. Now, I know two things, Geology & College football. I feel as though college football relaxes me when I study it. With that being said, I find that between my friends, family, & myself; I know a lot more about the sport than they do. Whenever anyone needs to know anything about CFB, they ask me. Now I'm not saying that I know everything about the sport, especially the historical aspects, but the modern game, yeah I know my stuff. With that being said, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!

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