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A few things to consider if you should happen upon one of my little diatribes.

I am a California native and a Bay Area sports fan.

My family is from San Diego, I lived there for quite few years and many of my friends are there. Because of this I am a bit of a sports bigamist.

If the Niners play the Chargers, then the Bolts must die, but other than that unfortunate scenario, I love the Chargers. I have a soft spot for the Pads too, until they play the Giants or are anywhere near us in the standings...then I love to see them go down.

I say all this because I may have a thing or two to say about San Diego sports from time to time.

I have no aspirations of being a writer because, rumor is, you need a rudimentary command of the English language to do so, and I is unedumacated....but like to do it none-the-less. Other than that, I am awesome and never wrong. Get used to it.

I spent 4 years serving in the United States Navy and consequently also root for the Midshipmen.

My one obsession in life is playing golf, and I do it as often as possible.

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  • Mike Kent posted 3012 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Should the Giants go after Brandon Marshall?


  • Mike Kent posted 3066 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    The first half is coming to a end, and the rankings are starting, Please let me know what you think