Josh  Montero

Josh Montero


Graduate of the State University of New York, Political Science/Pre-Law. Work in Sales Management and Consulting. Life-long Raiders fan. Baseball purist, follow the game, not any particular team. Continue to play competitive baseball and give hitting lessons when I can find the time. As a player: Former Outside Linebacker and Strong Safety on the gridiron, shortstop and utility infielder on the diamond. Nicknamed "Freak" for combination of size, speed and power.

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  • Autumn Wind posted 2371 days ago

    Autumn Wind


  • big ROC Stockton, CA posted 2550 days ago

    big ROC Stockton, CA

  • Terrell White posted 2626 days ago

    Terrell White


    When you have time check out my frist quarter repord card on the O and let me know what you thnk of the grades.

    Raider from birth.

  • Randy Lavelle posted 2661 days ago

    Randy Lavelle

    I wrote a new article and would you to check it out & tell me what you think!Thanks in advance!

  • Autumn Wind posted 2789 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    Great Draft by our Raiders yesssssssssss!!!
    say hello to QB campbell and bye bye to Jabustus
    he probly taking moving van back to mobile. LOL


  • Alex Johnson posted 2964 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Packers/Vikings, Sleepers, an upset pick and more!

  • Barnavicious X posted 2967 days ago

    Barnavicious X

    A Raider Tribute to San Diego...

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 2978 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

  • Tony from NB posted 2982 days ago

    Tony  from NB

    Hi Josh,

    Read your recent Gruden, we can only pray Al has the fortidude to make that happen.

    Also..the Sentinel link you provided didn't work.....try this one,0,171394.story


  • A.J. DeMello posted 3000 days ago

    A.J. DeMello

    The Raiders are running no where fast. If they can't run the football against the Broncos, things could get ugly...