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  • Michael Collins posted 3035 days ago

    Michael Collins

    Thanks for being a fan, ndjos.

  • yungCaucasoid ... posted 3050 days ago

    yungCaucasoid ...

    I'll be your cockazoid, when I make you paranoid
    each time I render your racist posts, null and void
    devoid of truth, hating Equality's what you do
    Help Matt JaKKKobs, in his job, to pollute
    Just scoot, right on off of the closest cliff
    Soon as I go , on you and your clique:
    I go back, to beating up your mom's clit

  • yungCaucasoid ... posted 3050 days ago

    yungCaucasoid ...

    so of course, when Admin just emailed me/asking if I created this account, or...if I knew who created it?

    You already know who I mentioned as the likely, covetous, White-racist evil who would've.

  • Brett posted 3050 days ago


    Martin Luther King Jr. would probably spit on him.

  • Brett posted 3050 days ago


    Even tho he deleted it because he realizes it is true.

  • Brett posted 3051 days ago


    That lynchburg url is exactly what he needs.

  • Greg Eno posted 3055 days ago

    Greg Eno

    Thanks for being a fan!

  • Anthony Pilcher posted 3055 days ago

    Anthony Pilcher

    Thanks for the vote.

    You can check out more of my work here: