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  • Taylor Allderdice posted 1522 days ago

    Taylor Allderdice

    Stop trying to act black. Coz u aint. Rockets, Texans, LSU and TAMU all suck bro. DA U. HEAT. SEAHAWKS. YEEEEEEEEE

  • C S posted 1539 days ago

    C S

    WHat a complete SORE LOSER you are...running around posting on the UGA boards that "everybody knows if they played again 8 out of 10 times LSU would run Ga out of the building".

    That's really hysterical and we in Dawg Nation do LOVE to see all you pissed off LSwho and USCjr fans making excuses and makes kicking your asses all that much sweeter!

    But the thing you and your LSwho whiners need to admit (even if it's just to yourselves)...the entire COUNTRY saw how UGA SHUT DOWN that "unstoppable" run game you people kept talking shit about before the game...LIGHTS OUT STUFFED HILL! So to paraphrase your BS post a little...the entire NATION saw that if they played 10 more times....LSwho STILL couldnt RUN themselves out of a wet paper bag...much less run UGA out of the building! But you just keep on whining and making excuses...we LOVE to hear it all.

    Oh, by the people better be careful or you may end up with 4 SEC losses...but at least you've got the great Sex Offender running your to see him CHOKE down the stretch while Murray drove for the winning TD with EASE...LMAO!