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  • Mike Custer posted 1583 days ago

    Mike  Custer

    lol you're so clueless. Just leave the internet dude. You can't handle it obviously.

  • Mike Custer posted 1584 days ago

    Mike  Custer

    Re-read what I wrote. "you're both gay as fuck lol" The only thing wrong there is I didn't capitalize the "Y" in "you're". Again you both are gay as hell. Quit commenting on my profile or i'll beat the shit out of your pixels.

  • Mike Custer posted 1585 days ago

    Mike  Custer

    you're both gay as fuck lol

  • Scott Harris posted 1585 days ago

    Scott Harris

    You got it brother. Don't care what the reasoning's disgusting and it's got no place on a website like this one.

  • Samuel S. posted 1698 days ago

    Samuel S.

    To a comment you made about me "Sucking the Lakers dick." I thought you would be able to tell that I was a Spurs fan, just from my profile pic, but ignorant people tend to run their mouths before they have all the facts. You've just made me really glad they beat that sorry excuse for a team out in Houston. 210 all day SCRUB.