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  • Avi Wolfman-Arent posted 1852 days ago

    Avi Wolfman-Arent

    So much to digest here...

    1) You seem to locate the critical lens (or perhaps the hyper-critical lens) as a sort of modern phenomenon. First, what do you mean by modern? Post-enlightenment? Post-Internet? And do you have proof that is indeed a human construct. Or might it be an impulse as primordial as "the gift of human attention?"

    2) At what point does the "aspiration...toward excellence" become beyond reproach? Is it a matter of years? Decades? Or is it not measured in time at all? Perhaps it's a function of one's intentions.

    Of course I didn't spend years crafting my post, but it is indeed one link in a chain of written endeavor that spans many years. And after all, the post took me well over an hour to write. And in a manner of minutes--minutes!--you dismantled it with your own strand of "critical belittlement." Could one not say that the relationship between my post and your comment shares some of the same fundamental characteristics as the relationship between my post and the athletes in it?

    3) Who are you? Besides, of course, the most interesting internet commentator in the world.

  • michael hyatt posted 1925 days ago

    michael hyatt

    ha! you really do have a sense of humor, your rebuke was graceful- and thanks for the grammatical evaluation-and to reply to your thoughts on drama-hmm, yes - and no Yes-the article you posted caught me in a high fever, so to speak, my apologies if it was too unkind. and-No, perhaps the expression of my point was too overt, yet without hesitation that kind of critical belittlement is simply without authentic contribution-easily a bad habit we all learned in a modern time- when did we all become such a culture that acts like a "bucket of crabs"?. the aspiration and soul-crafting toward excellence is to my my mind the most brilliant, beautiful action a human can work from and towards, and forgive me either drama or harshness-how often have any of us imagined that in a few words on an internet post or between associates we could dismiss the hours/years of dedication and frankly, devotion of these athletes-and of all similar cherished endeavor-because their/our results were less than one's hope?

  • Avi Wolfman-Arent posted 1925 days ago

    Avi Wolfman-Arent

    Syntactically speaking, that's an A+ comment. But don't you think you're being a tad bit dramatic?