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top 20 nba players of all time

1. Micheal Jordan
2.Magic Johnson
3.Bill Russel
4.Kareem Adul Jabbar
5.Larry Bird
6.Wilt Chamberlin
7.Tim Duncan
T8.Shaquille O'Neal
T8.Kobe Bryant
10.Oscar Robertson
11. Lebron James
12. Hakeem Olajawon
13. Karl Malone
14. John Stockton
15.Isah Thomas
16.Kevin Garnett
17.Julias Erving
18.Jerry West
19. Moses Malone
20.Cylde Drexler

HOnarable Mentions:Charles Barkley, Dirk,John HAvelicek

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  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 7 hours ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    By the way.... Clyde "The Glyde" Drexler needs to be much higher on your list. That guy was only second to Michael Jordan throughout his career. Without MJ, Drexler would've been MJ. Jordan definitely belongs on top, but Drexler needs to be closer up there somewhere, not clear down at 20. Above SHAQ and Kobe anyways.... because I'm sorry, but that Drexler lead team, with Jerome Kersey and Terry Porter and so on... would've taken Shaqs laker team. Shaq and Kobe show barely was able to beat the Sabonis and Staudemire Rasheed "jailblazer" team... that Drexler team would've smoked Shaq and company. So Drexler deserves to be above them.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 7 hours ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Well you certainly know how to keep yourself busy Anish. That's what some of these guys on this thing don't get. You can be a passionate fan, dedicate, loyal to your program, and an avid poster on this thing... but it doesn't mean it's the ONLY thing going on in your life. Sounds like you've got a good stable of things going in your life Anish. Too many of these Oregon haters seem to be convinced that an Oregon loss is something that totally crushes Oregon fans like you and I, so ignorantly assuming that it's the only thing going in our lives. Really all that tells me, is that there truly isn't much going on in their lives. Hahahahaha!! As well as jamming gears and rolling down the highway, I build custom bikes (not Harley's, SuperMotos and motorcross), I've also built up an old ford truck I'm restoring, I travel quite extensively, I have a 6 year old who is an honor roll student and very active in both sports and other things within our small community locally. Oregon Duck football is a LOVE of mine for sure, but it's also far from the only love I have going on. Guys like Michael Loser crack me up more than anything.... so obsessed, so infatuated, so blind with hate that it's blatantly clear that an Oregon loss means way more to them their own programs wins... which is rather pathetic, and also a golden example what it means to be a pathetic troll like they are, and trolling because, unlike guys like you and I, they are somehow backed into the corner of having absolutely nothing else going on in their lives. Blatantly obvious with Michael (L)oser. I mean it's been a few years now and that dingbat still hasn't found a way to move on. How ridiculous is that?

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 10 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Hahahaha!!! He already openly admitted to that long ago when I accused him of "only using an Oregon Sucks profile to hide behind"... he openly asked me in a reply "do you really think I only use one profile?"... He's also known for using other profiles he makes up to come back and like his own comments. Hahahahaha!!! Pathetic loser.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 20 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Ya no surprise seeing the little pathetic troll sound his horn from his dismal little "I'm too much of a coward to actually support my team so instead I'll hide behind my your team sucks" profile. Personally I hope he keeps it up. The obsessed blind idiot doesn't even realize how incredibly pathetic it makes him look the more and more he posts. Hahahaha!!! I mean seriously, he actually sent me a hate male for calling him a troll. Is a troll not what he is???? Hahahahahahaha!!! And he calls us delusional. He's the very definition of delusional.

  • Michael L posted 22 days ago

    Michael L

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Still no better than the second best team in your half of the Pac-12 conference. WTD=We're Totally Delusional

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 29 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    It's a simple sports blog Anish. We're all fantatics in one way or another, and simple contributors whose opinions and sometimes rants mean next to nothing at best. Your obviously more concerned about the debates (arguments) that break out on this thing, than I am. I do it just to pass time mostly, when I'm shut down and bored and so on. Relax. Oregon football is not Michael Jordan.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 127 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    VERY VERY WELL SAID ANISH!!! Couldn't agree with you more.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 130 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Hey Anish... What do you think of San Antonio winning it all this year? Just curious. Myself, I'd rather them than Miami... that's for sure. Just my opinion.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 154 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Watch out... our resident troll Michael Loser has stolen my profile photo and name and is posting all over BR with it. LMAO
    Ya... unfortunately... Michael Loser has made it his new thing now. Diving off into the sludgy depths of trolldom... He's got my user pic and is still posting all over Oregon articles with it. So use caution and spread the word... it's rather easy to tell the real me from the Michael L creation.. all he's doing is posting "My ducks will not beat anybody" crap all over the place. LMAO!!! I can't even believe someone would be so pathetic and desperate for attention as to make moves like this on a damn sports blog... but whatever... apparently he has absolutely no life none whatsoever. Quite evident now that all over our assumptions about this jackass are quite true. LOL!!!

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 163 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    I used to be a perty dedicated blazer fan. But that was back in the time when I was just a kid... they had Drexler (easily would've been the best player in the NBA if not in Jordan's shadow at the time), Kevin Duckworth (awesome character, community and kids guy), Porter, Buck Williams and so on. LOVED THAT TEAM!!! And I loved my blazers up into the days of Bryan Grant, Sabonis, and so on... but then.... they became the frickin JAILBLAZERS!!! And constantly nothing but negative crap in the news about the stupid stuff they were doing off the court, and I'm sorry, but the owner was a total noob that was always clearly more interested in the investments and engagements he had going on in Seattle and so forth, than he was in actually building a championship program, or even maintaining one that was worthy of the incedible dedicated and loyal fans in Portland and the entire state of Oregon. Total idiotic decisions on a constant basis to the point where I gave up on them. That was the ONLY professional team I cared about. And to this day, because of the ridiculous amounts of money involved, I really don't follow professional sports at all. It just makes me sick that as a civilization we throw that kind of money at human beings for playing a recreational sport, while thousands are suffering elsewhere in this world, without even having the privelage of knowing what the sport is. So not much of an NBA fan, or NFL, or any other pro sport anymore. I do realize that college is loaded with money and not much different in some respects... but it is completely opposite in one regard, and that is, that they are just young adults... and primarily, their purpose is getting an education before doing what the vast majority of them do wind up doing... and that is moving on with a different career that is not sports related. Once they go pro... I wish them the best... but I don't follow them. Ducks? I've been a Ducks fan since I attended my first game at Autzen Stadium when I was 6 years old. Been screaming my guts out for them every weekend since. LOVE THE DUCKS, BREATH THE DUCKS, LIVE THE DUCKS!!!! My wife attended school there for business while I was serving over seas for 4 years we lived in Eugene, and my families education from the university is what pays the bills around here. Her best friend, and a very close friend of the family, was an Oregon cheerleader in the mid 90's, and we still have many connections to the university of Oregon that extends beyond past Alumn. It's my team, always has been, always will be. So that's why I put DUCKS as #1 on my list. Seahawks and blazers... great stuff.. but just not my thing for the reasons I already told you. I think it's great that your passionate about them, and I certainly don't expect you to have the same views that I do... this world is an ocean where everyone must float their own boat... but it's just my path. Anyway... always nice chatting with a fellow Duck brother Anish.