Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler


A badass smoking QB. my wife is hotter than yours. Been masking the bears problems on offence since 2009. Me and Trestman are gonna set Chicago on fire!

Favorite NFL Teams:
1. Chicago Bears
2. Cleveland Browns
3. St Louis Rams
4. Buffalo Bills
5. New York Giants

Favorite NFL Players:
1. Jay Cutler
2. Adrian Peterson
3. Kyle Long
4. Luke Kuechly
5. Charles Tillman

Favorite players of all time : Brett Favre and Dick Butkis
ya that hurts to say as a bears fan but the man was so fun to watch!
Dick is the best linebacker in NFL history.

Watch my Highlight video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRMfMPNQffE

Great Urlacher highlight vids! Check em out:

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  • Seriously Your Kidding me posted 1317 days ago

    Seriously Your Kidding me


  • Eddy Curry posted 1657 days ago

    Eddy Curry

    jay cutler u r so gud plz be my frind

  • Butt Fumble posted 1660 days ago

    Butt Fumble

    Butt Fumble

  • Spiders Georg posted 1686 days ago

    Spiders Georg

    lmao Cutler

  • Russell Wilson posted 1687 days ago

    Russell Wilson

    Thanks for the welcome Jay, nice to see you here too.

  • Christian Ponder posted 1690 days ago

    Christian  Ponder

    I made the playoffs last year. Your fake.

  • Long gone posted 1690 days ago

    Long gone

    CP is not fake. You are. Get off.

  • Adrian Peterson posted 1691 days ago

    Adrian Peterson

    So next season is a win no matter what happens

  • Adrian Peterson posted 1691 days ago

    Adrian Peterson

    The same game Ponder missed?

    and Adrian had 99 yards

    God they sure shut him down..

  • Adrian Peterson posted 1691 days ago

    Adrian Peterson

    They tried to stop it last year? when they put 8 and 9 in the box.. and they couldn't

    I'm starting to think you don't know what you're talking about