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After studying journalism at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Kris has been covering the NFL since 2008.

He has been a contributing writer for sites like Bleacher Report and served as assistant NFL editor for and as a managing editor for

His work has been featured on, or linked to on popular sites such as,,,, and

He has also done radio work with ESPN radio and has been a repeat guest on the Sam Bourquin show on 1480 WHBC in Canton, Ohio.

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  • Gunnar Story posted 7 days ago

    Gunnar Story

    In your win/loss article its like you treat the Packers as if they were the same team last from last year. They got a new defense with lots of potential and one of the leagues best offenses.

  • Ben Thaler posted 7 days ago

    Ben Thaler

    I think that the piece you wrote about the Giants in your win/loss projection article was a little misguided. You referred to Chris Snee as a standout offensive lineman which hasn't been the case since 2011. You mentioned the loses of Nicks (who did nothing last year) and tuck but didn't mention the acquisitions of players like Geoff Schwartz, Jennings, DRC, Beckham Jr., or Trindon Holliday. Obviously players like Holliday aren't stars but they provide a huge upgrade in areas from years past. It seems fairly undeniable that the Giants have improved from last year. Eli Manning is one of the smartest quarterbacks in the NFL and I think it is fair to assume that he will be able to learn the new offense by the start of the year.

  • keith price posted 7 days ago

    keith price

    Do you just pick win/loss from another analyst or are you just using the force on your picks? You should do research, statistical analysis, or possibly use a player stat based algorithm to conjure up your win/loss. Last year you were at the bottom of analyst percentage with your picks.

  • Richard Herro posted 133 days ago

    Richard Herro

    You are wrong about the Jets biggest need after two weeks of Free Agency. It is now abundantly clear that their biggest need is now at the GM position.


  • Eric Loader posted 207 days ago

    Eric Loader

    Hi Kristopher -

    I usually like your articles, but the Updated 1st Round Draft Picks after Wild Card is just not right. I mean you have Brett Hundley going to an NFL team with the 5th pick and he is not leaving UCLA. I heard all weekend he would not be leaving and it is even reported on BR that he will not be entering the Draft. It does not look good when trying to read the article and I can clearly see in the NFL draft stream that there is an issue with your draft picks to the right of your article. It kind of makes the rest of the draft and order you put it in way out of wack. "For this mock, all draft-eligible players will be considered with the exception of those underclassmen who have already stated their intent to return for the 2014 collegiate season. " are your own words.Hey everybody makes mistakes and thanks to the internet there are more people then ever to see them. But you may want to go back and update your article.

  • Alex Wentzell posted 332 days ago

    Alex Wentzell

    Glad to see you mention Cordell Roberson in your article Early Roster Cuts Who Still Have a Chance to Make an NFL Team This Season . Don't know why the Browns cut him so early. Keep up the good work.

  • B K posted 390 days ago

    B K

    Anytime Kris, keep up the good work brother!

  • Billy Marshall posted 1405 days ago

    Billy Marshall

    how did u send me a message guy? i cant figure it out

  • Billy Marshall posted 1408 days ago

    Billy Marshall

    Hey Knox! Great work on the reports man. I just joined but I'll be keeping up with these. Great work man!

  • Araz Eleyasian posted 1436 days ago

    Araz Eleyasian

    Hey could you take a look at my Colt McCoy article? Feedback is of course much appreciated!