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40 year old married gal who loves NASCAR - and some drivers more than others

I love photography and I enjoy writing. They both satisfy my creative side and most often it is carthartic. Both are purely amature, but I enjoy them and that's all that matters.

If you'd care to see the large collection of NASCAR photos that I've taken or read past NASCAR influenced blogs, take a moment to visit my myspace page. I will pre-warn you, I'm a bit on the potty mouth side when it comes to some of my NASCAR blogs.


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  • JW Nix posted 3087 days ago

    JW Nix

    check this out:


  • Rob Tiongson posted 3112 days ago

    Rob Tiongson

    Hey there April!

    Again, I thought I'd branch out from my NASCAR streak and do a list of who I consider to be ten of the most enduring athletes in American sports over the past 20 years. These talents have played through the pain, hardships, and against time while they achieved their successes. Take a look at my list and chime in with your thoughts!



  • David Scercy posted 3113 days ago

    David Scercy

    Hiya.....hope all is well. Please take a second to read my latest, bleacherreport didnt put it anywhere for anyone to read and I thought the article turned out well. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/216276-dei-the-demise-of-what-was-once-a-promising-empire

  • Rob Tiongson posted 3117 days ago

    Rob Tiongson

    Hi April!

    Thought you might enjoy my latest piece.....and hopefully, see a bit of my Boston humor with racing.



  • Rob Tiongson posted 3134 days ago

    Rob Tiongson

    Welcome aboard to B/R, April! Hope you'll stick around and write lots! Congrats to K-squared on his first win at the road course btw!

  • Jen Preston posted 3134 days ago

    Jen Preston

    Welcome to B/R April! Nice to see another NASCAR fan :)