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Hi my name's Kennedy and i think you look fabulous today =]

i love all kinds of sports, but i visit BR mainly for WWE/TNA-related stuffs (i'll stick to espn for other sports).
in my free time i like to read, play the guitar and piano, and sing (although whether i'm good or not is debatable).

i guess the cool thing to do these days is make lists of stuff so here i go! i suppose i'll update this if something new comes to mind =)


- Current Wrestlers: Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Paige, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Emma, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Magnus, Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville

- Current Wrestlers Who Should be Pushed: Ziggler (obviously), Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Ryback, Curtis Axel (he really needs to use the Perfectplex, his current one is kinda lame)

- All-time Wrestlers: Stone Cold, Macho Man, Sting, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Ivory, Lita, Molly Holly, JBL, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Kane, Jeff Hardy, Mankind, Jericho, CM Punk

- Current Gimmicks: Real Americans, Wyatt Family

- All-time Stables: The Brood, Corporate Ministry, Nation of Domination (w/ Owen Hart)

- Wrestlers on the Mic: Jericho, CM Punk, Stone Cold, Christian, Bray Wyatt, Kane, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, The Rock, Damien Sandow, JBL

- Guilty Pleasure Wrestlers/Stables: Steve Blackman, Val Venis, I.R.S., Fake Diesel/Razor Ramon, Steven Richards & Right to Censor, Too Cool

- All-time Moments: Shawn Michaels winning 1996 RR, Stone Cold winning his first WWE title, Brock Lesnar beating Kurt Angle @ WM, CM Punk's first MITB cash-in on Edge


Not so Favorites...!
- Current wrestlers: Hornswoggle & El Torito, Santino (his gimmick mostly), Rusev (squash matches make me yawn), Khali

- All-time Wrestlers: Eugene, Doink (i'm scared of clowns, go ahead and laugh), Diesel

- Not Sure How i Feel: Bo Dallas (i don't like his move set. probably also has to do with the squash match thing), Alberto del Rio (not being used properly), Sin Cara (can we just get rid of the gimmick already!?)


Aaaand one last thing: i forget to check my profile a lot of the time, so if you leave a message and i get back to you reaaaally late, i'm sorry!

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  • Wife of Bath posted 15 days ago

    Wife of Bath


  • Australian posted 23 days ago


    RAW was crazy good!

  • Australian posted 24 days ago


    My thoughts during MITB. Opening 'Climb' promo was an awesome start. Well done production team. Wyatt Family's new entrance and music was cool. Incredible match. Both teams on fire. Beautiful to watch. Allowed the crowd to settle and then brought them alive. MITB stats segment was interesting. Sandow and Rose was plain good fun. Sandow's opening 'Boston' promo was hilarious. Briefcase time! The spots in this match were outrageous. Outcome was predictable but it's always the journey that's the fun part. I was feeling the pain of some of those shot from my couch. Rusev v Big E was a highlight for me. Rusev is moving up my charts. His music always is stuck in my head! WWEWHC was indeed brutal. I loved each guy's spots. I was so hoping for Bray or Roman. Cena winning was no surprise. The way he won so cheaply was interesting. They almost want us to hate on him now. Even though he was booked as the top face overcoming the top heel... HHH is now using Cena's bipolar reactions to it's full effect. I think it's worth it some times to finish a PPV hating on Cena. That in itself makes for entertainment. It also makes the great moments, like WM30, a more rare special moment. You've got to take the good with the bad. So to speak. Overall, I absolutely enjoyed my MITB experience. Well worth my day off. Roll on RAW tomorrow!

  • Australian posted 28 days ago


    Yes. I am a country boy. The farm is tough work but I enjoy it.

    Tough choice to replace Barrett. Perhaps keep the match as a six man event. What do you think?

  • Australian posted 29 days ago


    I too really enjoyed RAW. Belly laugh funny at times. Highlights for me included; watching The Shields singles careers unfold, Steph/Vicki and Eddie's music, IC Championship match, Rusev's promo, Big E preaching, Bo Dallas in general and Stardust. There wasn't much I didn't like.

    Stardust just had the promo. I didn't think they'd be another match until the MITB ppv. Seems their initial squash was a tease to suck people in. It's worked on me. Really looking forward to seeing what Cody can do with the full extent of this gimmick. He's a natural. Hoping for a match with Rybaxel. Great clash.

    Really looking forward to MITB. I am hoping for a surprise or two. They are always a favourite moment. The ppv are live on pay tv Monday mornings usually kicking off around 10am. I usually like to make an event of the occasion. I love cooking and eating so there is always some premium snacks and cold drinks at the ready. Wrestling has always been my guilty pleasure. Especially now that most of my winter work is well underway on the farm. I can be lazy for a while and settle in.

    Wrestlemania is one of my favourite days of the year.

    What are you studying?

  • Australian posted 29 days ago


    Or if you are as big a star as Aussie Dante Exum... You completely bypass the whole college scene and head straight to the NBA for the big money.

    What did you make of RAW? Looking forward to MITB?

  • Australian posted 31 days ago


    The college system in the U.S. facinates me. We just don't have anything remotely like it. Sure we have universities. Big universities. Expensive universities. But they are not given the same exposure as U.S. colleges are. The whole U.S. college sport scene is incredible.

  • Australian posted 32 days ago


    Huge NXT brand fan. There are always great matches and some really interesting new characters. In particular, The Vaudevillians really caught my attention this week. The small Full Sail crowd create an intimate yet electric atmosphere. They are very raucous! One of my favourite parts of being a wrestling fan is seeing young guys take their first steps in becoming a WWE superstar.

  • Australian posted 34 days ago


    Lol. Yes I guess so. The Australian players should be proud of themselves. They got people talking. Great prospects for the next WC.

    Do you watch NXT?

  • Australian posted 35 days ago


    Great news in including a true MITB briefcase ladder match. This PPV now looks great!