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hey guys, unfortunately, i won't be coming to BR anymore =( it's got nothing to do with trolls lol i couldn't care less about them! i'm just moving on, that's all. thanks everyone for the conversations, have a good life, and enjoy WWE!!


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  • Never mind. You are gone : (

  • What's up Kennedy ( this is FWP Jr.)? Where are you?

  • It's a troll. Not me.

  • Y2B posted 20 days ago


    Misssssss Kennedy!!!!!!!!!!!! Kennedy lol.

    I love how Ziggler is getting a slight push yet he still can't beat Seth Rollins. Cesaro seems to be on a downward spiral now, he was before, but officially now, I see no recovery for him. Hopefully he can pull off another move that gets the fans back on his side and get him back a decent push. I hope something big happens for him between now and Wrestlemania 31, else the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will be completely useless. It turned out to be quite a great match at Wrestlemania especially with that poetic ending. They cannot drop the ball that badly. If Cesaro is involved in nothing, I do hope they scrap the idea of having that match again. You cannot recreate what he and Big Show achieved.

    Survivor Series is made a tad bit interesting now, hopefully it lives up to the hype. I expect Orton to possibly join team Cena, and then turn on Cena and help the Authority. That should earn Orton a title shot vs. Lesnar. Cena should get involved after Orton and Lesnar uses cheap methods to win. With Orton moments from winning, Cena should interrupt and cost him. Then maybe they can set up Orton v. Cena v. Lesnar, before having Lesnar dominate inside the Elimination Chamber. If he is to lose at Wrestlemania, whoever beats the beast will get a major push, and it would surely help if they beat a guy who beat not just the Undertaker and John Cena, but even Randy Orton to whoever else steps foot in the chamber. That is my wish lol. I also wish Cesaro wins the Royal Rumble. -It would be completely shocking given his jobber status as of late.

  • Yeah, Steph is great. She learned from two of the best heels ever ( HHH and Vince ). LOL I can't remember the last time RAW ended with someone winning with a clean victory. I don't think the mid - card ( upper mid - card ) is that bad we have Ziggler, Miz, Mizdow,Sheamus, Rusev, and now probably Harper and Rowan etc. But you're right most of them will be in the SS match. I don't know what matches we're going to get at SS with all these guys in one match. It might be a bad PPV.

  • Small Fundamental posted 23 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    The guy below me is a Shemale just like your BF Y2B.

  • Yeah, I know to ignore them ( but it's hard sometimes ). I like about anything Orton does XDXD I knew he was going to turn face but I didn't think it was going to happen like that. I'll miss him while he's gone. Call me crazy but I enjoy The Authority. So it won't be that bad ( for me ). Plus we have the Ambrose and Wyatt feud. I have a feeling that Cena will end Rusev's streak. Somewhere down the line. But I haven't watched Rusev's match with Sheamus yet ( I know he won ). I heard it was a really good match though. If Rusev is handled right he could be a big star.

  • Thanks for fan adding me again : ) I wish I didn't have to start over. I got mad and quit ( to many trolls on here now ) But I decided to come back. Yeah, I saw it. One of the best ones in a while. The ending was awesome. What did you think?

  • I deleted my old account. So this is my new one.

  • Y2B posted 29 days ago


    Hey you! My apologies on the delay in my reply, my account been crazy as of late. I don't know what happened, I contacted BR, but nothing yet, so I guess I repackaged and returned like Ryback!!!

    I am sorry for asking such a personal question on here, I see this troller found out about your job and being a real moron about it. Regardless, I am sure he does not even have a job to begin with.

    In response to you, sucks that your weekends are tied up, but at least you do have a job, and these Superstars are being paid whether we tune in or not lol. I got home rather late and caught Dean on top the cell, that match was awesome. FREAKY ENDING! I loved Dean's narration on Raw, "I went straight to hell!!!! Only problem was Bray Wyatt was there." That totally depicts Bray Wyatt doesn't it?

    I avoided the internet until Monday morning, then I caught Hell in a Cell, Cesaro and Dolph began the show haha, so we surely missed it. I was proud of the match, disappointed at the finish. I didn't mind Dolph winning, but I wished we got 3 falls. Cesaro looked a bit weak being unable to finish the champ, but the Champion looked strong... and then he beat Kane, and according to SD spoilers... he lost 2 in a row lol, guy can't catch a break! haha.