Alfred Spills

Alfred Spills


Graduate on June 26th 2009 from High School.
Hobbies: Video Games, Soccer, Track, WWE
Top Five Superstars: Randy Orton, Edge, Chris Jericho, The Miz, "Dirt Sheet" John Morrison

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  • The Diagnosis posted 2653 days ago

    The  Diagnosis

    Welcome to the fan club, Alfred. In due time you will soon see that it is, indeed, time for a bit of the old...ultraviolence at Bleacher Report.

  • Kenesha Ashley Nabried posted 2875 days ago

    Kenesha Ashley Nabried

    Hey Alfred! it's been awhile. Just dropping in to say hello and keep up the good work. :)

  • Ricky Bhatia posted 2909 days ago

    Ricky Bhatia

    i am under the influence of Jerichohol. My next article-

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 2965 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    A little tribute to the Golden Age :)

    All feedback/comments welcomed and appreciated!

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 2979 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    Truly a One of a Kind superstar!

    Feedback/comments welcomed and appreciated!

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 2984 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    In what I consider my best piece to date, take a look back at the original wrestling dynasty!

    Comments/Feedback all appreciated and welcomed!

  • Callum Graham posted 2986 days ago

    Callum Graham


  • Hayley-L Graham posted 2988 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    The Impact of the Phenomenal One!

    Feedback/Comments all welcome and appreciated!

  • Mr. Taylor posted 3013 days ago

    Mr. Taylor

    please comment when ya get the chance

  • Scott Beeby posted 3049 days ago

    Scott Beeby

    I've put a little competition together to find out what WWE DVD Bleacher Report thinks is the best one. Could you take a second to check it out?