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  • Dienz Jaffret posted 6 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    egh as long as we win the club world cup

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 12 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    Right now, Llorente cant be compared to anyone, he still has alot to learn but the potential is there

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 13 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    yes he is, pique has been garbage for years with puyol making him look like a top defender, now that puyol is done, pique and ramos are now exposed for the crap defenders they are

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 18 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    This is my new account, the old one got frozen

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 26 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    we got owned at the calderon, i replied with my backup account.

  • Sizla Shakire posted 26 days ago

    Sizla Shakire

    We got owned at the calderon, smh.

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 28 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    What a garbage way to lose

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 31 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    Dani, Varane, Ramos, Coentrao
    Xabi, Modric, ADM (if hes still here) or kroos

    Ronaldo, benzema, bale

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 31 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    Our defence is sitll a probelm and has been for several years now, i think its time pepe or ramos either get benched for games like this or are sold. Together, those two are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're going to get.

  • Jazel Morffe posted 53 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    Come on, you are not pleased? You guys are doing great in the transfer window. You signed one of the best midfielders in the world for a bargain. While the James deal is better business-wise (could be a steal too, who knows; you definitely will recover the fee and then some), you still signed one of the top talents in the world who just lit up the WC. Unfortunately, Di Maria unfairly seems the odd man out, in spite of arguably being the key player for Madrid's triumphs last season. But in football you need to keep moving and renewing or you risk decaying and becoming stale like Barcelona. Di Maria, while extremely dangerous, is actually too unreliable at times. He was playing lousily in the WC, even though Messi still missed him at the final hurdle, especially his ability to create chaos. The only problem you guys may have is fitting all those guys together. But it seems to me that James is a long-term project, I don't think Ancelotti will be pressured to find him a spot in the starting lineup immediately. Now, we all see a potential weak spot, and that's defensive midfield. Toni Kroos is weak as a defensive midfielder. If he plays as part of a double pivot, Madrid could be exposed. And with Xabi Alonso reaching the end of times, Modric another passing master relatively weak on defense, and Khedira being box to box, you guys could use a destroyer like Mascherano. But I'm sure Ancelotti will figure something out, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

    This is what I see for the immediate future:

    Ronaldo - Benzema - Bale

    Kroos - Xabi Alonso - Modric

    I see Madrid getting going very quickly in La Liga, establishing a lead early on. I'm cautiously optimistic with Barca, but I think we will struggle early on, unless Luis Enrique is actually really good, which I hope he is.