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  • The U posted 1660 days ago

    The U

    Don't listen to this Hawks fan. Here's to why he's a loser:
    1) His name is pathetic
    2) Wannabe, fans 100000 people
    3) Asks 100000 questions
    4) Horrible English grammar (just said "He has went to jail before, that guy, don ' t worry about him. Corrections: He has GONE, not went, you don't put a space between apostrophes, and he misspelled "you're"
    5) Gets Fs in every subject
    6) Stalker
    7) Doesn't know crap about anything besides NBA
    8) Tries to be funny, and continuously fails at his pathetic attempts
    9) Too young and small to be on b/r (notice the sensitive rat's weeping after a few words about him)
    10) Annoying as a flea

    Now, I just stated every reason why you should not talk to him. Please take my words into consideration as it is for your own good. Do NOT talk to the ignorant troll if you want to live a joyous and successful life. Peace out.

  • Durant the Ant posted 1745 days ago

    Durant the Ant

    Keep fighting for your team!!!

  • Sim Risso posted 1898 days ago

    Sim Risso

    Thanks for "liking" my article, Noah.