Gamecock Football been watching it for years through the ups and downs, might I add the ups now!

USC or The University of South Carolina was founded in 1801.
Southern California was founded in 1880 want to debate read below and notice ahead of time you lose.

For those who really want to argue about this here is the FACTS:

South Carolina College was founded in 1801 which is 49 years BEFORE the state of California was incorporated into our Union of States aka the United States. Regardless of what South Carolina was called in 1801 we switched our name to USC in 1865 which was 15 years prior to Southern Crappyfonia being founded LOOK IT UP. My whole family attended South Carolina and North Carolina with the exception of 1 Georgetown grad so tell me something that I don't know................ this is me waiting and tell me I'm not telling the truth I know ALL the facts.

As for those who cite the court rulings in favor of Southern Crappyfonia

Do you agree with all court rulings?

after reading the timeline of facts do you agree with that one?

Oh and you got owned

Last but not least.....

I DONT NEED NO QUESTIONS...... steve spurrier 2012 ...... :)

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  • Ian Berg posted 1701 days ago

    Ian Berg

    Thanks for taking a look at the tracker. I will have updates today. Happy Memorial Day southcarolinafirstusc.

  • southcarolinafirstusc posted 1703 days ago


    You sure Mr. Sally?

  • Barrett Sallee posted 1765 days ago

    Barrett Sallee

    I don't just randomly decide what to write about.

  • Nick Lantz posted 1785 days ago

    Nick Lantz

    Thanks for reading my SC football work!

  • Barrett Sallee posted 1788 days ago

    Barrett Sallee

    Those have no bearing on my contract.

  • southcarolinafirstusc posted 1939 days ago


    No worries I just like to keep people in line Kev.

  • Kevin King posted 1945 days ago

    Kevin King

    I looked like crazy through my stuff. I was bitchin at myself the whole time for doing something stupid.

    But, I was happy to see it wasn't me after about 30 minutes of searching. I was happy because I know better and it would have been a dumb typo. But, I was a little miffed that you seemed so sure I had done it, causing the big search and consternation to begin with.

    Anyway, the next day I saw what you were referring to. I don't think it was actually on my article but it was in among several, two of which were mine. Anyway, so you know what did happen. Here is the story of the SCU typo:

    B/R will gather up 3 or 4 articles from our site and 4 or 5 from a couple of other sites and put them in one e-mail and send out to their signed up list for whatever school. In this case, it was USC.

    When they do this, they will trim down the titles so each will fit on one line to save space on the flyer. The idea is to have all 8 or 10 article titles on one page. Then, the susbscribers will click and read whatever ones they like based on the title and maybe the first sentence of the piece.

    What happened in your case, was whoever put the flyer together for B/R screwed it up. The original title by the author referred to them as the South Carolina Gamecocks, and whatever else the story was about. To save space on the Flyer, B/R's editor abbreviated it (wrongly) as SCU, instead of USC.

    Here's the unfortunate part. All of us writers want anything like that be corrected right away because it hurts your credibility to write a story about a school and not even apppear smart enough to abbreviate the name correctly. So, if the issue is in the story its self or in the title we gave it, we have the ability to go in and edit it and correct it ourselves immediately.

    But, if it is something done by the B/R editor (like this was) for space saving reasons, we can't get to it. The only people who can fix it in that case is B/R. They do the same thing to save space on article titles on a team's front page too. You will notice shortened titles on the front page but when you double click to read it, the whole title is there. That whole title or something in the story is the only thing an author can correct.

    Didn't intend to write a book here but I did want you to know what actually happened since you appeared very upset about it at the time. As for me (and most authors), if you see a typo in something I did, I am happy to correct it right away. I don't need to do anything to make myself look any dumber, believe me.

    Hope this helps you understand what happened that day. Have a great day!


  • southcarolinafirstusc posted 1946 days ago


    I believe the SCU thing was in the title but that was weeks ago but I saw it lol.

  • Kevin King posted 1998 days ago

    Kevin King

    What are you talking about? I didn't refer to South Carolina as SCU that I see?