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  • Juan Fran posted 1918 days ago

    Juan  Fran

    How does this guy even have a bronze medal

  • Lee Vial posted 1938 days ago

    Lee Vial

    I couldn't help but read your article of utter SHITE claiming Manchester City finished 2nd in the English Premier League. I might have guessed you'd be a yank, I mean come on it was only one of the most impotant pieces of English footballing history mainly because Man City WON the Prem. League title for the first time in 44 yrs which you rather stupidly failed to mention.
    Your national game is Baseball isn't it? Americans shouldn't be allowed to comment on games they no nothing about. A nation where most sports are 'World Series' this and that and the yanks are the only teams that play them ha ha ha. Incidentally I'd just like to mention that the game of Baseball was derived from the English game of Rounders.
    It's like everything else, if America can't invent it, you steal it.

  • Gabriel James posted 1941 days ago

    Gabriel James

    I actually do. They are highly absorbing. I've 'fanned' thee. Hope to see more articles

  • Allan Lim posted 1943 days ago

    Allan Lim

    No problem.

  • Bradlee Ross posted 2085 days ago

    Bradlee Ross

    No problem, Kyle. That guy was being stupid when he commented on your article. Thanks for reading, I've enjoyed yours too. I'm not a soccer fan so I haven't read any of those, but I've found your Wizards articles to be extremely informative. They are one of the few teams I don't know much about, so it was nice to learn more about them and their personnel.

  • Callum D'Souza posted 2168 days ago

    Callum D'Souza

    Thanks man, keep up the good work

  • St Op posted 2170 days ago

    St Op

    What was that about?

  • Nico posted 2175 days ago


    Hey I've read a few of your articles and read your replies to some of the comments left on your articles and I've come to the conclusion that you have no knowledge of not only of Arsenal but of football itself. The things you are saying are quite ignorant and insulting to the sport. If you want to continue writing I suggest another sport.

  • St Op posted 2176 days ago

    St Op

    Sorry I put 4/11 meant 5.

  • St Op posted 2176 days ago

    St Op

    Haha, saw your message. Here's what's right: Szczesny, van Persie, Arteta, and Mertesacker, Jenkinson. Tough ones. 4/11. I would take that score down for messing up with the subs, saying Gervinho is brazilian, that Arsenal uses a 1-5-4, and that Coquelin made his debut against Tottenham.