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  • Zidus Barnes posted 1030 days ago

    Zidus Barnes

    "Now this is exactly my Jackson had everyone in the locker room on the basketball court believing what he was preaching...that is what Steve Kerr is going to have a problem with. The owner acted and didn't think this one out to clearly cause you had guys that may have wanted to ride and die for the Warriors but you take the leader out and you may have a house divided. I know allot of white America like a guy on here said don't turn it into a race issue but if you are not black/african American you can't really speak on gotta live it to understand our so called black is what it is sad but it's true. Jim Crow just hides now a days ...cause all that matters is green that's the color. But race does play a factor can't deny that. For instance why does Kerr get 25 million guaranteed....mark Jackson got only 8 million...not chump change but there sure is a problem there....guess Kerr won a few rounds when he played golf with lacob...I think Mark was too black too strong....and the owners just couldn't deal with his power in the locker room and the power he had over the players....just remember brothas...fight the power " Curt Ruck

    Still think the Mark Jackson thing was a race issue? Cuz I think he was fired cuz he was a bad, REALLY bad coach. I mean the results speak for themselves. Looks like this team is still ride and die for each other, even with Steve Kerr at the helm. Actually we should give Kerr the credit here, he kept the team together, they actually seem closer, and he was actually able to install an offense.