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I'm from Chicago but I was raised a New York Jets and Yankees fan by my dad who is from Staten Island, New York. I am currently a sophomore journalism major at Marquette University I played football and baseball up until high school. Having played for 8 years, football is in my blood, and I try to use my experience and what I learned as a player into what I write.

Although I am a New York sports fan, I am always exposed to the Chicago sports teams and I hope to be able to mix up my coverage at times. I am learning something new about sports writing everyday, and will do my best to provide interesting and knowledgable articles. Most of all, I am a fan, and I will try to relate to what the fans are thinking. My articles will be passionate and will reflect all different aspects of the ultimate reality TV show.

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  • Markus Warner posted 1469 days ago

    Markus Warner

    Do you play fantasy football?

  • Ryan Curi posted 1480 days ago

    Ryan Curi

    Enjoy your Marquette basketball pieces, looking forward to the season as I have season tickets.

  • Robbie Azario posted 1583 days ago

    Robbie Azario

    Horrible article on "What to expect when your expecting". Completely pointless.

  • Chaim Marks posted 1840 days ago

    Chaim Marks

    Wow Start Kyle Rudolph are you serious? Do you lke giving terrible advice? Let's visit your theory . Because he had a bad week last week, he's going to have a good game this week? no. no no. His quarterback is terrible. His team only runs the ball. peterson had a monster game last week. they're going right bakc to AP this week. Plus he's put up donuts 2 out of the last 4 games all of which have been terrible games. you make me cry for the readers who actually listen to you.

    Demaryius Thomas. The man the dynamo. He's a monster. and you're telling people to bench him against Carolina?? He's MATCHUP PROOF. He's got manning throwing the rock to him. He had over 130 yards and a td 2 games ago!! he had 180 yards in a game a few before that. He is ridiculous and obviously the superior player to Decker, The great Equalizer being Decker's redzone usage.

    Please quit. please stop writing, get a healthy hobby like joining the gym. you're advice scares me.