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Growing up as kids, most of us have ridiculous dreams of what we want to be when we're older: an astronaut, a professional sports player, a pirate or a ninja (who wouldn't want to be a ninja, right?). But ever since I can remember, all I've wanted to do since I was a wee lad was to find a way to reach people, interact with them in a way where I wouldn't have to necessarily speak with everyone individually, but could use something to voice my thoughts and opinions.

So from a young age I discovered that art was my platform of voicing what I had to give to this world. Whether it was drawing, painting, or playing the guitar, I figured it was my own unique way to express my thoughts and state of mind without the need to speak. I picked up a drawing pencil for the first time at the age of four, then a guitar for the first time at the age of 12. Even though I was an avid talker, I realized music would let me express things that my brain or mouth couldn't explain at that age.

Then once I started high school, I realized I could write. The time spent reading the sports section in different newspapers had allowed me to know how to formulate my opinions in an analytical way instead of an impulsive one. And that's when it hit me, I started to realize writing was an art form as well... one that completed and complemented my artistic release. I was now able to express my feelings, thoughts and ideas in a passive and an active way.

So ever since then, those have been the two things that have defined who I am and what I want to do. Music as an art form and writing as an art form made me happy and made me feel like I was doing something I loved. So as soon as I was able to, I enrolled in my high school's journalism class, luckily in the last semester of its existence, and I got my first taste of published work.

I went on to college and got my first internship out of state, a six-month program with an up-and-coming basketball magazine in New York. Having the chance to work hands-on with professionals was really what I needed to get my feet wet in this field. From that time, I've done small bits for local newspapers, magazines and websites, always keeping in mind to not make the same mistake twice and keep my ears open for criticism and learning opportunities; after all you can never know too much or learn too much.

My ultimate hope is that everyone that reads what I write comes out informed and/or gets a little insight into my mind.

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