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  • Jonathan Wasserman posted 678 days ago

    Jonathan Wasserman

    Hey Red, just reading through some older comments. Thanks for your sensible and humane responses and comments. Always appreciate someone who knows how to articulate criticism and thoughts while remaining respectful. Good looking out.

  • RED99 RED posted 713 days ago

    RED99 RED

  • RED99 RED posted 714 days ago

    RED99 RED

    legend ends

  • RED99 RED posted 735 days ago

    RED99 RED

  • Stephen Babb posted 750 days ago

    Stephen Babb

    Hey Red, thanks for your feedback. I replied to a bunch of comments on that article about the vets, so some of those might speak to what you were saying.

    I re-read the article a couple of times, and I don't think it was especially vindictive. The criticism was really intended to address the relatively narrow point that these new veterans will add leadership/locker room presence to the roster. I had some fun with it, but I don't think there's anything especially negative directed at the team at large (or really even the veterans). I'm just trying to make the point that age doesn't always equate to the stereotypical "wise old sage" benefits you might hope for. If that wasn't entirely clear though, my fault (and apologies). Again, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Always appreciated.

  • RED99 RED posted 769 days ago

    RED99 RED

  • RED99 RED posted 775 days ago

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  • RED99 RED posted 777 days ago

    RED99 RED

  • RED99 RED posted 778 days ago

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  • RED99 RED posted 782 days ago

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