Ja Dawson

Ja Dawson


After years of debating via email with my buddies on topics ranging from who the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is to who is going to win the upcoming heavyweight title fight, I wanted to create a forum where I could share my opinions on such topics.

Enter www.FightInsight.com.

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  • King J posted 2056 days ago

    King J

    Hey bro please PM me your official prediction statement on Mayweather/Cotto ASAP! Thanks!

  • Gordon Carson posted 2228 days ago

    Gordon Carson

    Hi Ja,

    I added the word 'the' in the sentence "Since I focus on [the] five factors above". I thought it would read a bit easier that way. Great article, I enjoyed it. I can't wait to see a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout!

    Gordon Carson

  • King J posted 2285 days ago

    King J

    WE DOING IT AGAIN! Get your official predictions Private Messaged to me ASAP!

  • King J posted 2411 days ago

    King J

    Great job guys! its BIG hit again! We will do Haye/Klitschko next!

  • King J posted 2436 days ago

    King J

    Alright guys We doing it once again! Get them into me ASAP deadlines Sat April 30th! GOOD LUCK!

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 2682 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

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  • King J posted 2783 days ago

    King J

    It's finally here! Be proud and represent!

  • Oliver Suarez posted 2894 days ago

    Oliver Suarez

    will be running a new site for fighthype.com...http://boxing.fighthype.com/...message me if you are interested in contributing..thanks

  • Bryant Maxwell posted 2898 days ago

    Bryant Maxwell

    I am planning to do a Boxing rankings article every month, exclusively for B/R. But I need you and other respected writers help for the rankings process. I need you to send me your top ten rankings and I will compile them into one B/R rankings list. 10 points for the number one ranked boxer. 9 for the two number boxer. All the way down to one point for the number ten boxer on your list. I will compile the rankings into one of my articles and give credit to each writer who participated, and links to their pages. This will make sure for an unbiased rankings each month. Just send me your rankings if you are down.

  • Francisco E. Velazquez posted 2952 days ago

    Francisco E.  Velazquez

    I see your prediction, but think about this.

    Would Pac be as successful had Cotto never lossed? How are they connected?

    Consider this:


    Take a read and give it some thought...