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James Southard

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I'm a 19-year-old Notre Dame student, and I am originally from the metro Detroit area. The doctor who delivered me had just returned from a Pistons game, and his love for sports must have left its impression on me. By age 2, I was playing basketball, or at least picking up a ball and fooling around with it. As early as I can remember, I was watching basketball, and with time, I grew to love the four major North American sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey), and to a lesser extent, golf, soccer, and poker (a bit of a pseudosport). Every year, I clean out the local bookstores of their sports magazines and novels. I love reading and writing about sports, as well as playing them for recreation. However, my true pleasure has always come from spectating, whether live or from my living room couch. I am a major fan of the Detroit Pistons, Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings, and my favorite college teams are Notre Dame (my school) and Michigan State (the team I was raised to cheer for). I also love NC State (my dad's alma mater). I've also typically pulled for Seattle and Philadelphia teams, for little good reason, simply a childhood fascination I suppose, but my loyalties will always lie with Detroit. My least favorite teams are the Michigan Wolverines, the New England Patriots, the Miami Heat, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the New York Yankees, and the San Jose Sharks. Through the years, I've cried tears of happiness and of sorrow. I've amassed a sizable collection of trading cards in every sport. I've attended dozens of games, and watched hundreds more. I've always felt a passion for sports, and I always will. I will discuss or debate just about anything. Please read anything I post that looks interesting, and if you have any opinions, please share! I look forward to lots of good posts and conversations!

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