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  • Darren Wong posted 1725 days ago

    Darren Wong

    Hey man, I've written something with an attempt at humor. Your opinions, feedback or tips on how to improve my humor style would be greatly appreciated.

  • Aron Glatzer posted 1750 days ago

    Aron Glatzer

    Not sure about the front page, but there is even better news. The story is being featured and linked out at

  • Sting Fan posted 1756 days ago

    Sting Fan

    I know you are going to love this one LOL!

  • Maurice Moss posted 1804 days ago

    Maurice Moss

    Hey Flyin,

    You can get the em—dash in a couple of ways. In Windows, hold alt key while selecting 0-1-5-1 on your number pad. In Mac, select shift,alt, and dash simultaneously—or just cut and past a dash.


  • Mitchell Ciccarelli posted 1825 days ago

    Mitchell Ciccarelli

    Interested in participating in Bleacher Report's TUF 10 Fantasy Game? This game is open to everyone, even non B/R members. I will also be writing weekly blogs after every TUF episode.

  • David K posted 1831 days ago

    David K

    Hey Flyin. Nice piece on the "history of ultimate fighting". You had me checking the title to make sure it was a humor piece when i read ultimate fighting.

    Anyway you may also want to have your article tagged with B/R chatter. It will expose it to additional readers, that may otherwise miss your entertaining read.


  • Derek Bolender posted 1838 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my latest on The Top 10 MMA Fighters Under 25 - Who's In? Who's Out? ... weigh in on my list at the following link:

    Thank you!

  • Farooq Ahmed posted 1847 days ago

    Farooq Ahmed

    Was Fedor's Contract With Strikeforce Helped By EA Sports?

  • Robert DesRoche posted 1848 days ago

    Robert DesRoche

    My comeback article. Thoughts would be well appreciated.

  • Mitchell Ciccarelli posted 1850 days ago

    Mitchell Ciccarelli

    What's up man? How are things going with you man? You've been doing great on here bro, keep on kicking ass!

    In the meantime check out my latest article: