Bill Ratkus


Boston College: Class of 2005
Roger Williams School of Law: Class of 2011

Originally from South Burlington, Vermont, Mr. Ratkus has occasionally freelanced and moonlighted as a sports reporter, specializing in college hockey, and college football, while sometimes waxing philosophical upon other subjects ranging from the NHL, MLB, Horse Racing, Boxing, MLB and Fantasy Baseball. Mr. Ratkus has a keen interest in the NCAA Athletic and Amateur landscape of sports and will frequently editorialize on the state of the NCAA and the rules and regulations of "professional amateurism" in the United States today.

The rumors that he has been arrested while partying with current and former players of Urban Meyer are unsubstantiated.

The rumor that he recently played golf with pending NHL free agent Steve Montador is in fact true, and Mr. Ratkus can testify that while he may struggle to hit a net that is four feet by six, he can somehow manage to putt a ball consistently into a hole that is four and a quarter inches in diameter.

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  • Michael Collins posted 3125 days ago

    Michael Collins

    What do you think?

  • Daniel Saltus posted 3138 days ago

    Daniel Saltus

    Bill, I finished off my four part piece about major leaguers who've been lucky or unlucky, you can read the fourth installment here:

    Let me know what you think. Especially about Gallardo. I still hate that you got him on me.



  • Sean Martin posted 3144 days ago

    Sean Martin

    Thanks Bill, for becoming a fan of mine!

  • Daniel Saltus posted 3151 days ago

    Daniel Saltus

    Bill, Thanks for the encouragement. In other, more important news, Vinny Ciurciu got signed by the Patriots. Woo!

    I'll try to keep the numbers coming, and maybe people will learn a thing or two. I can hope.

    Oh yea, coming from an SAT tutor, long division rules.