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15 years as a Fantasy Baseball League participant and serious competitor. A highly respected statistician and information bug as well as an expert numbers guy. I love baseball and I love (more like it's a passion) playing Fantasy baseball in all formats from 4X4 to 20X20 in leagues of 4 teams to 16 teams. I am a hardball trader and solid in identifying trends and values within the baseball world from A-ball to the Major Leagues. My thirst for information is second to none and I have a reputation as a skilled team owner.

I am 50 years old, married and have 4 Chihuahuas, whom I love like they were my own children. I've lived on the East Coast all my life but that doesn't stop me from knowing what goes on where the Pacific Ocean licks our Western shores. I've played sports throughout my younger years and have an in-depth knowledge of the games and how they are (or at least should be) played.

I have also had experience with sports related injuries, so I have knowledge about them as they are a part of the game. I play Chess, Texas Hold 'Em and video games in my spare time. I have operated companies for others as well as my own Interior Remodeling Company. I am a Gourmet Chef and have a "green thumb" which helps me in my cooking.

I can be a little "sharp" with my comments at times and know how to separate fact from opinion. I am always available to talk Fantasy Baseball as well as other collegiate and professional sports.

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