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GW Bear


I've been a Browns fan as long as I can remember. My first Browns game is still my most memorable. Our neighbor managed a lumberyard that had season's tickets in the upper deck boxes around the 45 yard line. They gave out single tickets to a number of their employees as a Christmas bonus for the 1964 Championship game against Baltimore. Back then there was the 75 mile blackout rule where no matter whether a game was sold out or not there wasn't any TV locally. On Sunday morning one of the employees who'd been given the ticket came down ill and couldn't go. He called our neighbor and he tried to call around and find someone else but everyone he called had gone to motels in either Erie or Toledo to watch the game. He called our house and asked if I wanted to go with him and his son who was my best friend. Of course I said yes and will never forget that day with Frank Ryan throwing to Gary Collins for 3 TDs, Lou Groza kicking two FGs, Jim Brown running over tacklers and our D shutting out the vaunted Colts offense. I've been through the ups and downs the last 40 some years since then but never lost my love of the Browns.

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