1. NHL: An Open Letter To Don Cherry

    I am a US citizen, married to a Canadian national, and living in Terrace, BC, the outgoing Hockeyville winner—for which thank you and the folks at Kraft very much. I always enjoy watching Coaches Corner during the Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts.

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  2. Fight Of His Life: New York Islanders' Rick DiPietro Tries To Save His Career

    April 4, 1998 is one of those days that will live forever in Ranger-Islander lore. That was the day the Islanders won the game but lost the fight. The fight specifically between goaltenders Dan Cloutier and Tommy Salo...

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  3. Je Me Souviens (I Remember), Mr. Wang

    Quebec City is a lovely place. It is like a little slice of France that you can get without crossing an ocean and it is full of history. Most of that history relates to the period before 1759 when French rule of what became Canada ended...

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  4. Garth's Choice: Building A Cup Winner 101

    Recently, a talking head on NHL.COM responded to a question from a viewer about the upcoming entry draft by saying that the Isles need to draft John Tavares or Matt Duchene rather than Victor Hedman because the Islanders need to score more goals...

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