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  • Brenda Ruhl posted 1697 days ago

    Brenda Ruhl

    I feel your pain. I'm still not over Super Bowl XL! My Hawks had that one stolen right out from under them, and I still yell "Eff the Steelers!" whenever they're on TV. OK, maybe not around the boys. :) It's pretty sad when the ref is so guilty that he actually apologizes four years after.

  • Brenda Ruhl posted 1734 days ago

    Brenda Ruhl

    brenda . ruhl @ gmail . com (adding spaces to avoid spambots). Sorry about your 49ers. Thought they were going to go all the way with that comeback!

  • Brenda Ruhl posted 1820 days ago

    Brenda Ruhl

    :) Do you still have my email or cell #? I'd love to catch up!

  • Brenda Ruhl posted 1825 days ago

    Brenda Ruhl